Wednesday, February 27, 2008

art! art! art! art! art! art! art! art! art!

Tyler Stripes just kicked me a buncha art he's banged out! Whooee!

'At there's a nifty shot of Dik. Yah, he pretty much always looks that grumpy. You would too, if you were the brains of the outfit.

Good ol' Halsey. Little bit drunk, all butt-crack and cleavage. A powerhouse, and a powerfully drunk, kinda trashy chick. Good people.

More Dik. Still grumpin'. Lil' haggard...wonder if he's got the blues?

Cordwainer Sinterklaas: owner and bartender of the Arm Bar, where Our Heroes (?) hang out. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Cordwainer's a walrus. Duh.

Mun. The team's ninja!

More Mun. What a charmer! And that tail! So dashing!!

Just a few of the many, many moods of Hals. Kissable lips, grabable hips...pullable hair. Ahem.

El Humidor!! Not one of Our Heroes, he's a member of the Antagonistas. Obviously, this here is a man who'll buckle yr swash something fierce, baby! We'll be hearing more from him a little later tonight, if my mind holds up.

Ger Wrig, late of the G.I. Joe motor pool. Former teammate of CrankShaft, Lube Job, and the Lug Nutz twins. Scienengineer of the Antagonistas (note the lab coat). Not much of a drinker, but a kit-basher par excellance. Quiet, but never a rube.

(The characters of Ger and Humidor were created by Collision and Tinzeroes. All other characters by Tyler Stripes (mainly) and Collision.)